Auto Repair Shop$120.00
Automobile Dealer$120.00
Barber Shop$60.00
Beauty Shop$60.00
Billiard Parlor$360.00
Drug Store (<50,000 sq. ft.)$120.00
Drug Store (>50,000 sq. ft.)$150.00
Dry Cleaner / Laundry$60.00
Dwelling Units (each)$15.00
Gasoline Station$90.00
Grocery Store (<10,000 sq. ft.)$120.00
Grocery Store (>10,000 sq. ft.)$180.00
Pawn Shop$360.00
Professional Office$120.00
Restaurant, Carry Out$72.00
Restaurant, Dine In$90.00
Restaurant, Lounge, Cover Charge$240.00
Restaurant, Lounge, No Cover Charge$120.00
Use and Occupancy$40.00
Vending Device (per device)$25.00
Vendor (Mobile)$60.00
All Other (per 500 Sq. Ft.)$12.00
Sign Permit
49 Sq. Ft. or Less$6.00
50 to 74 Sq. Ft.$9.00
75 to 99 Sq. Ft.$12.00
100 or more Sq Ft. (per Sq. Ft.)$0.12
Liquor20% of the Alcohol Beverage License fee charged by the State / County.
Building PermitsOne-half the fee charged by Prince George's County.