The Edmonston Police Department is a modern law enforcement agency charged with the responsibility of providing immediate response to all calls for service within the jurisdictional boundaries of the town, and when requested, to provide law enforcement services to neighboring agencies through a variety of mutual aid and manpower-sharing agreements.

The department equips its patrol vehicles with the latest in technological law enforcement tools such as laptop computers and printers, electronic traffic citation and barcode scanning equipment, automatic license plate readers, traffic radar and lidar (laser), audio and video recording equipment, tint meters, and preliminary testing units (PBT’s).

The Edmonston Police Department offers a free “house watch” service to residents while away or on vacation, and inspections of vehicles which have been issued a Safety Equipment Repair Order from any police officer.



It is our goal to serve the people of the Town of Edmonston, and to provide safety and an improved quality of life to everyone through high visibility patrol, enforcement of state, county and local laws, and dedication with excellence in policing.

Captain Billy Sullivan, Deputy Chief


Police Department Values


By presenting a professional image at all times while providing quality, compassionate and competent service and protection to all, without regard to gender, race, color, marital status, sexual orientation or any other characteristics.


By our diligent and unyielding adherence to our code of ethics and by developing and maintaining public trust through open and honest interaction with all people in order to foster cooperation, confidence partnership.


By treating all people with proper dignity and respect and courtesy while upholding the Constitutional rights of all.


Mission Statement

By treating all people with proper dignity and respect and courtesy while upholding the Constitutional rights of all, the Edmonston Police Department is committed to Professionalism, Community Service, and Community Policing.

We will meet these commitments by:

  • Treating every individual fairly, equitably and without discrimination.
  • Working closely with our community and our neighboring law enforcement agencies to provide a community that is safe and without the fear of crime.
  • Being prepared for natural disasters, national emergencies and other unexpected occurrences.


For more information, see our Police Policy Manual.


Contact the Police Department

(301) 699-8805 AdministrativeEdmonston Police Logo
(301) 352-1200 Non-emergency Dispatch

5005 52nd Avenue
Edmonston, MD 20781


Administrative Hours:

Monday – Friday
8:30 AM  Р4:30 PM


Edmonston Police Department Programs and Services

Ride-Along Program

Impounded Vehicles

Request a Parking Permit Waiver for a Community Event

Vehicle Safety Equipment Repair Orders

Parking Violations

Request an Accident Report

Request an Incident Report

Red-Light Photo enforcement

Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Checks

Police Careers

Submit Crime Tip

Police Policy Manual

Captain Sullivan

Domestic Violence Resources