As our project continues we will post our design, engineering, and construction plans here and shall be considered "open source."  There is no need to ask permission to utilize these documents. Planners, engineers, elected officials, and advocates of other communities are encouraged to download, replicate and improve upon these ideas.  Credit to Edmonston or the engineers is appreciated but not necessary.


BEFORE & After Photos

This initial engineering report, funded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust, was created by the Low Impact Development Center located nearby in Beltsville, MD to examine the stormwater options for a greener Decatur Street.  In consultation with the community advisory committee, the Town chose Option 2, which will capture a 1.33” rainfall or 90% of storm events in a typical year. The bioretention treats 62% of the street area and the permeable asphalt bike lanes would treat an additional 28%.


East Bio Retention 5-6

East Bio Retention 7-8

Sequence of Construction

East Overall Auto Cad 1

East Overall Auto Cad 2

Greening of Decatur Street  (LID Report Center) (07/2009)

West Overall Auto Cad 1

Integrating Main Streets with Green Streets (LID Report Center) (07/2009)

West Overall Auto Cad 2

Powerpoint slides to Green Street Presentation at 2010 Maryland Municipal League Annual Convention

Greening of Decatur Street.pdf IntegratingMainStreetsWithGreenStreets_V3.0.pdf Green_Street_final.ppt