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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does a Red Light Camera conviction affect my driver's license?

A. No.  Red Light Camera violations are considered "civil violations," and are not a part of your driver's
     license record, nor do they assess points.

Q. Will the fine increase if I don't pay it by the due date?

A. The fine will not increase from the original $75.00, however payments not made by a certain date will
     cause your vehicle registration information to be sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles, which will in
     turn, post a "flag" .  This flag will prevent the owner from renewing the  vehicle's registration until the
     outstanding fines have been paid, and an official "Flagging Release" has been issued by the police
     department.  In those cases, an additional $50.00 administrative fee is added to the original fine to
     offset the cost of the flagging program.

Q. Can I pay for my Red Light Camera Ticket in person?

A. Yes.  You can pay for your citation at the Edmonston Police Department, located at 5005 52nd Avenue -
     Edmonston, Maryland 20781.  (Click Here for Directions to the Police Station)Payments made in person
     must be in the form of Cash, Money Order or Check or Credit Card.

Q. Can I pay for my Red Light Camera Ticket in by phone or online?

A.  Yes to both.  For telephone payments, call 1-800-634-5130.  You will need a copy of your citation with
      you when calling. Payments can also be made online.  Click Here for online payment information.

Q. I paid my outstanding Red Light Camera ticket online, but my tags had already been
flagged.  I was able to print a receipt on my home printer, but how do I get the official
"flagging release" receipt?

A. The police department uses a third party company to collect online payments.  That company notifies us
     when "flagged" payments have been made, and in turn, we mail the official flagging release paperwork
     to the registered owner of the vehicle.  This process takes approximately 4 weeks for the flagging
     release to be mailed out, however if you need a release sooner (to renew your tags immediately), simply
     call us at (301) 699-8805 and we will mail the out the flagging release right away, or appear at the police
     station in person, and we will hand it to you on the spot.

Q. I received a Red Light Camera ticket in the mail, but I am sure I stopped for the light.  Why
did I receive this?

A. In addition to vehicles which proceed through the intersection while the light is in the red phase, red light
     camera violations are also triggered by vehicles which pass the clearly marked "stop line" or enter the
     pedestrian crosswalk.  You would not have received a citation unless one of those three conditions had
     been met.  (See above for additional information and an example picture.)

Q. What real purpose does the Red Light Camera System serve?

A. Red light running is a leading cause of urban crashes and often causes injury and death.  According to
     the Federal Highway Administration, approximately 250 people nationwide are killed or injured each day
     by red light violators.  This amounts to more than 1,100 deaths and over 150,000 injuries a year in crashes
     that result from running red lights.  More than half of the deaths are pedestrians and occupants of other
     vehicles who are hit by red light violators.  Studies show that red light cameras significantly reduce the
     number of red light violations and intersection crashes.  Photo enforcement is a proven deterrent that
     changes behavior and leads to safer driving habits.

Red light cameras also provide a more effective means of law enforcement than traditional enforcement
methods carried out by police.  Enforcing traffic laws in dense urban areas proves difficult for police
officers, as they typically follow a violating vehicle through the red signal in order to cite it.  Traffic volume
and safety considerations mean that law enforcement officials can only apprehend a fraction of the
violators, putting motorists and pedestrians as risk.  Jurisdictions would need tremendous financial
capabilities to constantly patrol intersections in order to cite red light violators.  Red light cameras provide
safe and consistent enforcement at a reasonable cost, while allowing officers to focus on other
enforcement issues.

Q. How can I contest this citation?

A. You can request to stand trial in District Court by completing the form on the reverse side of your
     citation, and mailing it to the police department no less than five (5) days prior to the due date.  You will
     then be notified of a court date by mail.  You are not required to bring your copy of the citation to
     court (unless you want to), as the judge will have a copy of your citation in front of him or her, as well
     as enlarged pictures of the violation. If you are found guilty, the maximum you can be charged is
     $100.00, plus court costs.