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“A Bridging Community”

The Edmonston Recreation Council is responsible for organizing and planning
several of the town's community events.  The recreation council consist solely
of volunteers.  If you are interested in joining the recreation council you may
obtain further information by contacting Town Hall.

Some of the events that the Edmonston Recreation Council organizes are:

* Edmonston Day (Edmonston Rec Center)

* Edmonston Halloween Party (Edmonston Rec Center)

* Edmonston Christmas Party (Town Hall)

Events that the Edmonston Recreation Council assists with are:

* The Edmonston Police Department's National Night Out

* Most town events take place at the Edmonston Recreation Center Building and
 Grounds.  This site is available for public rental and is a great location  for birthday parties, meetings and other events.  For details, click here.
Rec. Center Rentals