mayor Tracy Gant

A Letter from Mayor Tracy Gant


Dear Edmonston Residents, Neighbors, and Supporters of the Town,

Greetings from Mayor Tracy Gant. Our community continues to battle a new challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our efforts to control the virus must endure so that we can all return to our jobs, activities, and school. The Town of Edmonston has battled the virus through social distancing, closing Town Hall to residents, cancelling spring activities, closing the Edmonston Recreation Center, cleaning/ sanitizing the Town Hall, providing  personal protective gear to staff, posting our playgrounds with signs to discourage use of the equipment, and utilizing social media outlets to provide updated information on the pandemic. Essential personnel have maintained police services.  The Public Works Department has ensured that trash pickup, storm drains and other services occur through a revised work schedule.  Together we will get through this difficult time. It is more important than ever, that we follow the CDC guidelines as COVID-19 cases spike in Maryland.

On a personal note, two weeks ago my husband James and I were diagnosed with the Corona Virus. I can speak firsthand of the seriousness of the virus and the fact that it can impact anyone regardless of age, ethnicity or religious affiliation.  James and I are on the upside and I thank the Lord that we are recovering, are now COVID-19 virus free and we are feeling much better. I would like to assure everyone that I’m working tirelessly every day to continue to govern our town through this pandemic.

Unfortunately, some people in our community have attempted to make my husband and I having the virus a negative political issue.  My husband and I were fighting for our lives. I am aware that there were those who were misinformed and spread misinformation. This is unacceptable. This type of behavior is unwarranted during a time when the community should be coming together and supporting each other in time of peril. I have directed the staff to take all the immediate precautions that are required to address the issues around the virus. I’m thankful for the work that our Federal, State and County officials, Edmonston town staff, along with our first responders and healthcare professionals, have done and are continuing to do thus far to assist us during this unprecedented time.

As I stated earlier, I am dedicated to working for the safety for each resident and visitor. As long as I’m Mayor I will never waiver on my commitment to the oath that I took to faithfully discharge all the duties of this office and serve diligently without favor, partiality or prejudice.

Please be safe and remember that this too shall pass, better days are coming. We are in this together.

In your service,

Tracy Gant


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