Maryland Cultural History Interactive Mural Contest

Call for Muralists, Storytellers, and/or Production Directors!

Operation Arts Foundation is looking for creatives to help bring an exciting new mural to life in Edmonston, MD. This is a juried competition to find artists to collaborate on an innovative project and teams are also welcome to apply. Operation Arts Foundation and the City of Edmonston, with support from the Maryland State Arts Council, are planning a new interactive mural that tells a story. Muralists will work with storytellers and directors to help bring a story to life through QR / AR technology. The goal of this mural/ project will be to bring to life stories that represent people of color in a positive light and an empowering manner. There will be 3 honorariums for muralists and 3 honorariums for storytellers/directors of $500 each. After the application period is concluded there will be a jury competition to determine the final artists who will work on the project and will pay up to 20k pending funds are awarded for the final project. If this is a project that you would be interested in being a part of, please apply and share with other artists!

The deadline is 7/25/22!

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