Medical Reserve Corps Volunteers Needed

Community Connections January 15

Medical Reserve Corps Volunteers Needed!

Dear Prince Georgians:

While we are in the midst of another surge in COVID-19 cases in our County, we are also in the midst of an unprecedented vaccination effort as well. In order to make sure we can quickly vaccinate some of our most vulnerable residents, we are calling on all available volunteers to supplement our medical staff.

As our State moves into Phase 1B of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, we are in urgent need. This is an all hands on deck moment for our community, and we need your help to meet demand for health services. Today, we are asking all volunteers, especially doctors and nurses, working or retired, to step up for Prince George’s County.

Please sign up for the Medical Reserve Corps at While the service is called the Medical Reserve Corps, it is not limited to doctors and nurses. Medical and non-medical volunteers can sign up. Make sure to specify Prince George’s County during the sign-up process.

I am Prince George’s Proud that, in times like these, we can count on each other to rise to the challenge and support our community. Thank you for volunteering your time and effort to help Prince Georgians, and please share this information with anyone you think may be interested in volunteering.

Yours in service,

Angela Alsobrooks

Prince George’s County Executive


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