County Police Reform Recommendations

County Police Reform Recommendations

County Executive Alsobrooks Announces Police Reform Recommendations

Dear Prince Georgians,

On Friday, February 5, I announced 46 police reform recommendations that will be implemented in our Police Department as a result of the hard work of our Police Reform Work Group, which I established in July 2020. I am confident that the reforms we are implementing will help our Police Department better serve the community and become a model for the nation. I want to thank the members of our Police Reform Work Group for developing these insightful recommendations after months of a thorough review of our Police Department and significant community engagement.

Our Police Reform Work Group worked tirelessly for five months to conduct a comprehensive study and review of our department, creating a recommendation report with 50 recommendations that spanned across five key areas for improvement, including community engagement; employee recruitment and retention; financial management; independent oversight, compliance, and integrity; and internal policies and regulation. Out of the 50 proposed reforms from the Work Group, I adopted 35 as written, amended 11, and omitted four.

Below are several recommendations that we are implementing under the five key areas identified by our Police Reform Work Group:

Community Engagement 

  • We will be making changes to reform the way law enforcement engages with the community by investing in mental health programs and restorative approaches to student discipline to help dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • We will overhaul the Crisis Response System to better support mental health/crisis intervention, helping keep residents suffering with mental illnesses out of jail and providing them with the opportunity to get help.
  • We will build out the Police Department’s Community Services Division and hire a civilian Community Services Director.

Employee Recruitment and Retention  

  • We will establish a fair, balanced, and robust hiring process that will recruit qualified diverse individuals.
  • We will create an incentive for current officers to live in the County and invest in the mental and physical well-being of PGPD officers.

Financial Management

  • We will work to reimagine PGPD’s budget to effectively deliver public safety reforms that the community deserves.
  • We will continue to review and conduct an annual financial audit of all payouts, lawsuits, settlements, and fines related to PGPD while improving accessibility to the budget process and arbitration hearing records.

Independent Oversight, Compliance, and Integrity

  • We will establish an Office of Integrity and Compliance where the Inspector General will serve as the Director, and the Inspector General’s Office will be moved out of the Police Department. The Office will also hire a Race & Gender Equity Director.
  • We will create a more robust and equitable Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel (CCOP).
  • We will pursue and acquire the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Certification, which is the gold standard in public safety certification for community-oriented policing.

Internal Policies and Regulation

  • We will establish a public data dashboard that will create additional transparency around traffic stops and subsequent actions taken by police officers, no-knock and night-time search warrants and the use of flash bangs and other such equipment.
  • We will work to improve access and operations of all PGPD cameras.
  • We will establish a robust customer service campaign in PGPD.

I am proud of the Police Reform Work Group’s thorough work that led to these critical and insightful recommendations. I believe that a group of concerned citizens can make change, and an engaged government can implement that change in a positive way. I want to again thank the members of our Police Reform Work Group and the many members of our community who were part of this critical effort to help our Police Department become a model for the nation. You can view our Final Adoption Report with all the recommendations here.   

In addition, we also announced the Prince George’s County Forward Task Force’s second report, “Vision for Tomorrow.” This report lays out the concrete steps we are taking to position our County to emerge stronger than ever after the COVID-19 pandemic, with 29 recommendations that we will implement over the next year. I want to thank the members of the Forward Task Force for their hard work on this insightful and dynamic report. Visions for Tomorrow builds on the Forward Task Force’s first set of recommendations to help us reimagine our County’s future.

The recommendations in the Visions for Tomorrow report include enhancing County efforts to address vaccine hesitancy; expanding the Parent Support Center program and providing more online teaching assistants; improving the regulatory process to attract more economic development initiatives; offering mental health training for Prince George’s County Government managers to recognize signs if an employee is under duress; and providing safe housing for domestic violence survivors. The full report, along with details of each recommendation, can be found at

I established the Forward Task Force in May 2020 to help guide our recovery efforts. Comprised of experienced leaders and policy experts with deep ties to the County, the Forward Task Force will be issuing recommendations in three phases, knowing there are immediate, short, and long-term steps the County can take to bolster all areas of its recovery. This is the second of three reports that this group of subject-matter experts will issue. 

The arrival of 2021 has given us reason for hope, but we still have several challenges ahead of us. This dynamic Task Force is prioritizing its work so we can improve how we meet current challenges and rethink our long-term approach to the way we deliver services to our residents. We are Prince George’s Proud to move forward with implementing their innovative recommendations over the next year.

Yours in service,

Angela Alsobrooks

Prince George\’s County Executive


Stand Up & Deliver


We are continuing to work hard to address food insecurity in our County, and we want to provide information on this week’s distribution locations for our Stand Up & Deliver program.

Tuesday, February 9 at 10:00 AM (Groceries)

  • St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church – 7501 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD

Friday, February 12 at 12:30 PM

  • Ennon Baptist Church – 9832 Piscataway Road, Clinton, MD (Groceries)
  • Victory Grace Center/Port Towns Elementary School – 4351 58th Place, Bladensburg, MD (Groceries)
  • Paul Church – 6419 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD (Meals)

Saturday, February 13 at 11:00 AM (Groceries)

  • Love A.M.E. Church – 1401 Mercantile Lane (Large Lot), Upper Marlboro, MD

Sunday, February 14 at 10:00 AM (Groceries)

  • Community of Hope AME Church – 3701 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, MD

Additional food distribution locations can be found on our website by clicking here. This map is updated regularly. If you are able to make a contribution to our Stand Up & Deliver program, please click here to donate.

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