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COVID-19 Updates April 16

Face Coverings Executive Order

The County Executive’s Executive Order on face coverings went into effect Wednesday, Aprll 15, 2020. You need to use face coverings when in stores and on public transportation.

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks requires that you must wear face coverings on ALL public transportation and In ALL stores, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Convenience stores
  • Liquor stores

SNAP update

The State has an update to its SNAP program in light of the pandemic, and we want to ensure those eligible for the program are aware and encouraged to apply. For the months of April and May, all current SNAP recipients and all eligible applicants who sign up will receive the maximum benefit amount.


WSSC Protect the Pipes


Reminder from WSSC about not flushing disposable wipes.

Keep the wipes out of the pipes! Flush only the Three Ps, PEE, POOP, and toilet PAPER.

WSSC Videos

COVID-19 Home Care Kit

Items that residents will want to have available (a home-care kit) if a family member is ill with COVID-19 or any similar flu-like virus.


Alert Prince George’s

Sign up for alerts from Alert Prince George’s at

COVID-19 fact sheets and infographics available online

Visit COVID-19 resources page to see everything available to our community:


 Food Pantries Map

 Food pantries and distribution sites are operating throughout the area to assist those in need during this pandemic. Find a location near you here:

This map will be updated weekly with the most up-to-date information. #PGCCOVID19

Los dispensarios móviles y sitios de distribución de comida están operando a lo largo del área para asistir a los necesitados durante esta pandemia. Busque una ubicación cercana a usted aquí:

Este mapa será actualizado semanalmente con la información más al día. #PGCCOVID19

Business Relief Fund Open

We are excited to announce the Prince George\’s County Business Relief Fund is now accepting applications. Prince George\’s County businesses who meet the eligibility criteria can now apply for a loan and/or grant to support cash operating expenses.

To apply, please visit:


Business Resources Webinar

Our COVID-19 Business Resources Webinar is available online. Watch here to learn what local, state and federal resources are available for our business community.

En caso que se lo perdiera

Nuestro Seminario Virtual de Recursos para Negocios por COVID-19 está disponible en línea. Véalo por aquí para enterarse de qué recursos locales, estatales y federales hay disponibles para nuestra comunidad de negocios


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