Edmonston Environmental Initiatives

One of the Greenest Streets in America

Permeable Pavement

Permeable pavement has been constructed on the Green Street in Edmonston. Rainwater can be problematic because the water flows on top of concrete and pavement. The water can collect chemicals and trash while being washed away. This dirty water can wash up into water streams such as the Anacostia River or the Chesapeake Bay. Permeable pavement allows water to seep through, so the water is absorbed into the soil underneath. It is a long-term solution to heavy stormwater and flooding.


permeable pavement picture
pumping station sign

Pumping Station

The stormwater pumping station is located on Taylor Road and it is used for flood mitigation. Pumping stations pump away large volumes of water to protect areas from flooding. The design of the pumping station is based on an Archimedes Screw, an invention created over 2,000 years ago. Edmonston constructed a pumping station with three screws that lift water up 20 feet from the town into the Anacostia River. It can lift 250 million gallons of water each day.

Street Furniture

The green street features eco-friendly trash and recycling receptacles and benches; all are made of recycled materials.

park bench and trash receptacles on the side of the street
recycle trash can

Solar-Powered Trash Compactors

Edmonston has installed solar-powered trash and recycling compactors. These trash compactors are BigBelly products, they have technology that automatically compacts trash creating more room and storage for trash. BigBelly products can hold 5 times more trash than your typical trash can. When the trash can is full, the BigBelly will send a message to trash collectors that it’s reached capacity. This saves energy and time, because trash collectors don’t have to come unless the trash can is completely full.


Green Street Walking Tour

Decatur Street also includes a “walking tour” of interpretative signs that describe the environmental features of the street to educate residents, students, and the public. The engineering plans and design concepts are shared as an “open source”, available online, so others can utilize, replicate, and improve upon the ideas in our project. Our hope is that green streets soon become commonplace.

The Edmonston Green Street sign - walking tour
Edmonston street light

Wind Energy

Majority of energy comes from natural gas, nuclear power, and coal. These forms of pollution leaves air pollution. Wind energy has fewer effects on the environment, it is cleaner than other forms of energy.

All energy purchased by Edmonston is 100% clean wind energy. Every streetlight in Edmonston is LED powered by wind energy. The Town purchases wind energy from the Constellation company, and 93 percent of the energy comes from Texas, with another 6.6 percent from Oklahoma and the rest from Nebraska.

Pet Waste Stations

The Town of Edmonston and the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment collaborated to install numerous pet waste stations around town. Each station comes with bags, a disposal box, and instructions for use.


pet waste sign and bucket

Green Fleet

Edmonston has an electric charging station located at Town Hall.

The charging station is open to the public!

The Town of Edmonston has electric cars for working purposes.

Electric police and code enforcement vehicles were purchased to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

An electric car was purchased for maintenance and planning workers to use around town.


green fleet vehicle
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