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Edmonston's Food Pantry

Edmonston’s Food Pantry was Operation Arts second project created in partnership with the Town of Edmonston. Food insecurity is a huge problem in the United States and in Prince George’s County, one in seven people face food insecurity. To combat this crisis, the Town of Edmonston partnered with Operation Arts Foundation contractors Chyna & Charlie to create a standalone 24-hour accessible food pantry in their community. This food pantry is filled weekly. This project provides a simple and discreet way for people in need to get the support they require.

This project was created by the Town of Edmonston, The Handy Lad, and Your Destiny’s Dream

Edmonston's Food Pantry
Edmonston Food Pantry
edmonston's food pantry

Edmonston Food Pantry Rules

  • Take what you need and give what you can
  • Take items up to two meals
  • Donate unexpired and unopened food (homemade food is not acceptable)
  • Donate unexpired and unopened toiletry items for adults or kids (open packages of diapers is not acceptable)
  • No jars in the winter
  • No chocolate or melting food during the summer
  • Make sure the doors of the pantry are closed to protect items from weather elements and animals.
  • Notify ( or phone (301) 699-8806 if there is damage to the pantry or its items.


This project was designed by Chyna Mae with Your Destiny’s Dream and built by Charles Smith with The Handy Lad

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