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Happy Earth Day!

Today, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and honor the natural world that continues to support us during these unprecedented times. Whether it\’s as simple as changing a light bulb or learning how to recycle right, there are ways each and every one of us can make a positive impact. 

Make Earth Day every day! Check out our #PGCEarthDayEveryDay countdown for creative ways to support Mother Earth while practicing social distancing or staying home. Click here or the image below to view our video on YouTube.

Growing Green Together

Thanks to everyone that participated and showed that we are \”Growing Green Together.\” Despite the pandemic shutting down life as we know it, we are stronger when we remember we are in this together! Check out our social media pages for more ways our community is showing up in their green attire!



Earth Day Movies

Check out these environmentally-friendly movies while you shelter in place. 


Ultimate Earth Day Every Day Playlist!

Get moving and motivated with this eclectic list of environmentally-inspired songs! Start a dance party with your family or enjoy the tunes while you work from home.

Check out the playlist on Spotify


Live Virtual Read-Aloud with Tiaa Rutherford

Miss the Earth Day virtual read-aloud edition with Prince George\’s County Memorial Library and Tiaa Rutherford?

Never fear, you can watch a recording of it online by clicking here.  Recommended for ages 2-5.


Treat Earth Like a Hero

Even during COVID-19, we can make a difference. To learn about the efforts Prince George’s County makes year round, visit

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