Historic Murals

Rich, resilient, and vibrant history
Adam Plummer

 Adam Francis Plummer (1819-1905) led a remarkable life, with his diary providing a rare perspective into the experiences of an enslaved African American and later, a landowner post-emancipation. Now safeguarded by the Smithsonian Institute, the diary records his journey from bondage to proprietorship. Upon emancipation, Plummer acquired 12 acres from his former plantation for his family, the land is now part of Edmonston, Maryland. He dubbed his estate “Mt.Rose,” symbolizing his fondness for rose cultivation.

In 2010, artist Emily Chimiak created this mural, commemorating Plummer’s extraordinary legacy. Restored and displayed in 2022 by Preservation & Framing Services of Rockville, in partnership with Operation ARTS Foundation Inc. and Collins and Sons LLC. This artwork remains a testament to Edmonston’s rich and resilient history. Restored on June 19th, 2022.

B. M. McQuin, Kinjiro Matsudaira

Featured in this mural are two historic Mayors of the town of Edmonston. B. M. McQuin, pictured on the left, served as Edmonston’s first inaugural mayor in 1924. Kinjiro Matsudaira, pictured in the center, was the first Japanese-American mayor elected in the U.S. He served as mayor in 1927 and he was elected mayor again in 1943, during a time of national and racial tension. They both played a vital role in Edmonston’s establishment, infrastructural development and uniting the community in its early years as a township. Emily Chimiak crafted this historic artwork in 2010, celebrating Mayor Mcquin and Mayor Matsudaira’s commitment to equality in Edmonston.

In 2023, Preservation & Framing Services of Rockville, alongside Operation ARTS Foundation Inc. and Collins and Sons LLC, restored and displayed the piece. This beautiful mural marks Edmonston’s deeply rooted and vibrant history.

Restored on March 14th, 2023.

Restored by: Abbas Bahmani of Preservation & Framing

Installed by: Daniel Collins & Kenny Fries

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