Impounded Vehicles

If your vehicle has been impounded, it is important to retrieve the vehicle as soon as possible to avoid daily (and costly) impound lot storage charges. Before a vehicle can be retrieved from the impound lot, a Vehicle Release must be obtained from the Edmonston Police Department. A Vehicle Release is an official form which authorizes the towing company to turn the vehicle over to its rightful owner, after all towing and storage charges have been paid.

How to Retrieve an Impounded Vehicle

The owner or an individual with power of attorney status must:

  1. Appear in person at Edmonston Police Headquarters located at 5005 52nd Avenue, Edmonston, Maryland 20781.  Releases are available only during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. To 4:00 p.m., excluding holidays and administrative closure dates.
  2. Present valid proof of vehicle ownership which consists of a vehicle registration or title. You must also present governmental photographic identification.
  3. Pay the administrative impound fee as listed below. Cash, credit cards, and Money Orders only. Personal checks are not acceptable.  (This fee is in addition to the towing and storage charges from McDonald’s Towing Service.)
  • Impounded Vehicle (Traffic/Parking Violation) – $85.00
  • Impounded Vehicle (Traffic Accident) – $70.00
  • Impounded Vehicle (Traffic Accident / Edmonston Resident) – $20.00
  • Impounded Vehicle – Recovered Stolen Vehicle – $20.00
  1. Appear in person at McDonald’s Towing Service with the vehicle release form. At that time you are required to render all towing and storage fees. McDonald’s Towing is located at 2917 52nd Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland 20781. You may contact them at (301) 864-4133.

Owners are reminded that you must have valid registration, a licensed driver and current insurance to lawfully remove the vehicle from the impound lot.

Important Notice About Private Impounds

Private property owners have the lawful right to remove vehicles that have parked on their property without authorization or that violate management rules. Many apartment complexes and shopping centers employ the use of contract towing services to impound vehicles from their property.

The police department does not regulate these types of “private impounds,” and has no involvement in the release of vehicles that were impounded under those circumstances. If you think your vehicle was towed from private property, you should contact a representative of the property management. Additionally, state law requires that properties which utilize vehicle impound towing must display clearly posted signs indicating the towing company’s address and phone number as well as other information dictated in the related statue.

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