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Let\’s Honor Our Veterans

 As we mark Veterans Day and extend our appreciation to all those who have served this country in uniform, it is our collective responsibility to show our thanks through action. For their service and sacrifice to this country, we make a sacred promise to veterans and their families to care for them when they return home and help them succeed in civilian life.

My colleagues and I in Congress are committed to providing for and protecting our veterans. We’ve expanded benefits previously denied to American heroes caught up in bureaucracy, invested in more programs to address the unacceptable tragedy of veteran suicide by providing additional mental health resources at the VA, and we’ve provided new child care assistance for veterans while receiving care at a VA facility. We honor our veterans by making sure they get the care and benefits they\’ve earned, and we\’re there for their families and children too.


As a Vice Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, I’ve worked to prioritize the well-being of active duty servicemembers, veterans and their families. We ended the so-called “widow’s tax” on families suffering unimaginable loss, passed additional oversight and inspections of subpar privatized military housing and I’ve fought for Americans denied their due honors because of historical discrimination. And we\’ve made sure that every veterans gets a shot at the American Dream that they\’ve risked their lives to defend – by helping them put their skills and talents at good-paying jobs and ensuring more veterans can earn a college education. 

Our country faces immense challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. In our response, my colleagues and I have ensured veterans, particularly those at high-risk, get the care and assistance they need. There is more work to be done. We must provide greater support for homeless veterans and their children, ensure VA healthcare for all veterans who have lost their health insurance due to the pandemic, and provide additional assistance to military families who are struggling.


My office also stands ready to assist veteran constituents with issues they face getting the federal benefits they are entitled to. Please contact me if my staff and I can be of assistance at this link: https://anthonybrown.house.gov/services/help-with-a-federal-agency.htm.

Generations of American servicemembers have inspired us with their bravery and heroism. When this country is united, we can overcome any obstacle or challenge. On Veterans Day, let us remember the nation and values we’re all fighting for and celebrate those willing to lay down their lives to defend it.

Happy Veterans Day to all those who served,


Anthony G. Brown

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