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Make art, take art! ART M.A.G.N.E.T. (Mini Art Gallery Neighborhood Entertainment Tour), is a public art project created by Operation ARTS Foundation to encourage creative community interaction through art! This project was created with support from Maryland Milestones and Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council as well as sponsorship from the Town of Edmonston and the Gateway Community Development Corporation. The goal of this project is to encourage creative community interaction through semi-guided art themes organized through social media. Please enjoy the tiny art made by local creatives and feel free to leave something beautiful yourself. Follow @artmagnetmd to stay up to date on all the free little art gallery activities and curated bi-weekly artwork themes. Tag us with your photos and videos on our social media so we can share your story behind the art.


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Rules of Art MAGNET
  1. To keep our gallery full, please share your art before taking a piece of art.
  2. Make sure you put your name and social media handle so we can connect and your fans can follow your work.
  3. DO share the story of your creative process, your artwork, or your art selection. Tag us so we can re-share!
  4. If the gallery is full, contact us or place it in a labeled envelope, in the back of the bottom supply shelf.
  5. If you’d like to mail art for us to display, please ask for our shipping address.
  6. ALL art is FREE because of contributions. Please donate to help us continue to bring free art and supplies!
  7. Sharing is caring! Please take 1 paintbrush and 1 canvas every 2 weeks.
  8. Do NOT remove the gallery people, magnets, tiny easels, or the other staging decor!

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See pictures of the artwork  and an Edmonston Mini Art Gallery event.

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