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March 5 COVID-19 Vaccine Bulletin

Prince George\’s County COVID-19 Vaccination Update

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Dear Prince Georgians:

Yesterday, I held a press conference for our community, providing several updates on COVID-19 vaccinations. I want to be sure you see some of the most critical updates for our vaccine distribution efforts:

  • Right now, vaccine supply is our biggest limiting factor in being able to quickly vaccinate Prince Georgians.
  • The 8,400 first doses we received from the State last week were out the door and into the arms of residents by Monday of this week, so within a week of receiving them. We did provide 1,750 of those doses to our partners, Luminis Health and MedStar Southern Maryland, to help vaccinate County residents.
  • The first doses we received this week will be out the door and into the arms of residents by next Monday, again within a week of receiving them.
  • We can administer more than 2,000 vaccines per day through our County Health Department. Right now, we have only averaged 1,564 vaccines per day for the last ten days, due to a lack of supply of first doses.
  • Our mobile vaccination units vaccinated 478 pre-registered seniors last week. This week, we returned to Cameron Grove Senior Facility and visited a domestic violence shelter, vaccinating 282 residents. Yesterday and today, we vaccinated homebound seniors.
  • The Sports & Learning vaccination clinic will close from March 13-28 and reopen on March 29, due to scheduled maintenance at the facility.
  • To maintain vaccination capacity, we will open two new sites, the Kentland Community Center on March 8 and the Cedar Heights Community Center on March 15. We hope to continue operating these sites even after Sports & Learning reopens.
  • We have issued tens of thousands of appointments to individuals in Phases 1A and 1B on our pre-registration list through our new scheduling system. As a reminder, you will now receive an appointment date, time and location from our Health Department, rather than a link to schedule an appointment.
  • We received our first shipment of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. This new vaccine is both safe and effective (more information is below).

I’ve heard many of you ask me, where are the vaccines? The truth of the matter is, we can’t administer vaccines that we don’t have. While we had a difficult and slow rollout, and we were transparent about that, we have fixed those issues and our Health Department is now getting shots into the arms of Prince Georgians quickly and efficiently. We could administer even more doses per week if we are provided those doses by the State, and we are hopeful they will increase our allocations in the near future, so we can quickly vaccinate Prince Georgians and put this pandemic behind us.

Yours in service,

Angela Alsobrooks

Prince George’s County Executive  

Vaccine Supply & Administration


Currently, the vaccination capacity at our County Health Department’s clinics, including mobile clinics, is more than 2,000 people per day. However, the number of vaccinations provided is dependent on the supply we receive from the State.

  • The County Health Department received 4,800 first doses and 3,100 second doses this week, in addition to 1,400 doses of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine that only requires a single dose.
  • We administered 7,963 vaccines through our Health Department last week, a record weekly total. As of yesterday, we have already exceeded that record total for this week, administering 9,002 vaccines from Sunday through Thursday.
  • To date, the County has received 53,850 doses of vaccines, and has administered 46,304 of those doses (approximately 86%). This metric (percentage of vaccine administered) changes day to day as new vaccine shipments come in and the number of second dose vaccines waiting to be given are administered in the days ahead.
  • Out of the vaccines we have not administered, 1,992 are first doses and 5,235 are second doses. We expect to utilize the remainder of our first dose supply by Monday, March 8, within a week of receiving that supply.
  • We received the Johnson & Johnson shipment on March 2, but we first had to upload the information into our registration system to be able to properly record doses administered. That is now done, and we will begin utilizing those vaccines at our clinics and via our mobile vans.
  • We are scheduled to receive at least 4,400 first dose vaccines from the State next week, which we will get out to Prince Georgians. The State will not receive a shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines next week. We do not expect to receive any additional supply of that single-dose vaccine for a week or more. 

County Pre-Registration List


In order to receive a COVID-19 vaccine through the Prince George’s County Health Department, individuals who live or work in the County must fill out our pre-registration form.

  • Over 162,000 pre-registrations have been received as of March 3 (nearly 144,000 are County residents).
  • 62% of County residents who have pre-registered are eligible in Phase 1.
  • Over 26,000 County residents on the pre-registration list have already been vaccinated (18.6%), with 117,000 still awaiting vaccination.
  • We are still prioritizing scheduling individuals in Phases 1A and 1B.

Know the Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines


The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine recently received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This new vaccine is both safe and effective, passing clinical trials with tens of thousands of diverse individuals.
  • In the trials, it was shown to be nearly 100% effective at preventing hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.
  • The vaccine has been shown to maintain effectiveness against the variants that we have seen emerging.
  • The Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only a single dose, making it much more convenient and efficient for those who may have difficulty returning for a second dose.

Watch this short video with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, answering common questions about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Vaccination Locations


While the County Health Department currently operates four vaccination clinics in the County, in addition to three mobile vaccination units, there are a number of vaccination sites available in Prince George’s County that are not operated by the County. We encourage you to sign up at these other sites to increase your options to receive a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

Please remember that we do not manage nor control appointments, or distribution for any sites besides those operated by our County Health Department.

Prince George’s County Health Department

  • Locations: Health Department’s Cheverly Health Center, Wayne K. Curry Sports & Learning Complex, Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex, Laurel Beltsville Senior Activity Center, and Mobile Vaccination Units.
  • Appointments: Individuals who live or work in Prince George’s County should fill out the pre-registration form to be added to the waiting list. Individuals who cannot fill out the pre-registration form online should call 311 and press # for assistance.

Six Flags America Theme Park & Other State Vaccination Sites (Not County-Operated)

  • Appointments: Sign up for appointment updates at mass vaccinations sites by texting MDREADY to 898-211. Visit for more information.
  • Older adults in Phase 1 can call the Maryland Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Support Center at 1-855-MDGOVAX (1-855-634-6829) to schedule vaccine appointments at mass vaccination sites. The call center is open seven days a week from 7 AM to 10 PM. The Vaccination Support Center is specifically designed to assist older adults and residents without Internet access.

Safeway Pharmacies (Not County-Operated)

  • Locations: There are several Safeway pharmacies offering COVID-19 vaccinations in the County.
  • Appointments: Eligible individuals can learn more and view available appointments online here.

Giant Food Pharmacies (Not County-Operated)

  • Locations: There are several Giant Food pharmacies offering COVID-19 vaccinations in the County.
  • Appointments: Eligible individuals can learn more and view available appointments online here.

CVS Pharmacies (Not County-Operated)

  • Locations: There are several CVS pharmacies offering COVID-19 vaccinations in the County.
  • Appointments: Eligible individuals can learn more and view available appointments online here.

Hospital Clinics (Not County-Operated)

  • Locations: Major hospital systems in the County are each running their own vaccination clinics.
  • Appointments: You can use to locate hospital clinics offering vaccinations and learn how to register for appointments.

Reid Temple AME Church (Not County-Operated)

  • Location: Reid Temple AME, 11400 Glenn Dale Blvd, Glenn Dale, MD
  • Appointments: The Reid Temple AME vaccination clinic is operated in partnership with Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center. Appointments can be made by pre-registering through Luminis Health. Learn more here.

The Arc Prince George’s County (Not County-Operated)

  • Appointments: The Arc Prince George’s has received clearance from the State to open a COVID-19 vaccine clinic to Prince George’s County residents who are 65 years of age or older. There will be an audit process to screen out those who are not eligible. Seniors can express interest in getting the vaccine by filling out a form online here.

Progress Toward Vaccination Goals

  • Over 116,000 vaccines have been provided to 80,609 County residents, with 36,196 residents having received their second vaccination.
  • There are an estimated 728,050 residents ages 16 and older, the minimum age for vaccination.
  • Our goal is to have 473,232 residents vaccinated by this summer, or 65% of this population and 80% by this fall.
  • We are at 17% of our summer goal. Last Friday we were at 13.7% of our summer goal.

Stay Updated

Stay updated with the latest information about the COVID-19 vaccine using the following tools:

The COVID-19 Data Dashboard: Stay informed of the progress the County is making with vaccine distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions: Get answers to your questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

Latest Updates: The latest updates will be posted at

Communications Toolkit: Help us spread the word about COVID-19 vaccines to family and friends so we can ensure every Prince Georgian is Proud to be Protected.

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