Chief of Police Eric Beale

Chief Eric Beale is currently the Chief of Police for the Edmonston Police Department. 

Chief Beale received his law enforcement training and experience from the Prince George’s County Police Department. In October 2020 Chief Beale started his career in the Town of Edmonston as the Community Compliance Inspector. During his time as the Compliance Inspector Chief Beale was able to build relationships with town residents and business owners. In September of 2021 Chief Beale became a sworn officer with the Edmonston police where he not only patrolled the town as a patrol officer but would also still take on the task and responsibility as the community compliance inspector. Fast forward to August 2022 Chief Beale accepted the title and role as the Acting Chief of Police which he now oversees the daily operations of the police department. As of October 2023, Eric Beale is now the of

During his tenure as the Chief of Police Chief Beale has attended various executive level training, hired two additional patrol officers, applied for multiple Federal and State grants, established policies and procedures for the police department and implemented community/police engagement initiatives such as Community walks where officers along with the Chief walk parts of the town to meet residents and business owners. Chief Beale patrols the town daily to meet residents and business owners in person to hear any questions or concerns they may have.

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