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Prince George\’s County COVID-19 Updates

Protective Waste Control Measures 


What’s the 311


Our Office of Community Relations is hosting their third “What’s the 311” tele-town hall this Thursday, April 9. In addition to regular OCR updates, this week our DCAO for Economic Development, Angie Rodgers, will join to discuss resources for the business community. Please note, this week there will only be one call at 10:00 AM for this initiative.

Census Midday Meet-Up


Joe Clair and the County Executive are hosting a Virtual Census Meet-up on Saturday, April 18. This will be a fun, virtual way to promote the Census within Prince George’s County while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Give Litter a Home

We have seen an increase in litter of plastic gloves, face masks and other items in areas around grocery stores and pharmacies. This kind of litter is also a public health concern with community spread of this virus, so please do not litter and throw these items in the trash where they belong.


Experience Prince George’s “Picture This” Challenge


Experience Prince George’s has a fun challenge called “Picture This” that they are promoting to showcase the beauty of Prince George’s County while giving residents something fun to do while practicing social distancing.   

WSSC Water Scammers Videos

WSSC Water has learned that a number of scammers are trying to sell people water filters that “protect against coronavirus.” They provided videos, in both English and Spanish, to warn residents about this scam.

English video

Spanish video

Tele-Town Hall, April 9

The County Executive will host another Tele-Town Hall on Thursday, April 9.


Financial Relief Press Conference

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