Public Service Recognition Week

Public Service Recognition Week

Dear Prince Georgians:

This week, we were proud to join the nation in recognizing National Public Service Recognition Week, which has been celebrated since 1985 to honor those who serve our nation as federal, state, county, and local government employees. Public servants include teachers, doctors, scientists, train conductors, astronauts, laborers, childcare providers, engineers, and countless other occupations, who all serve our nation with dignity and integrity.

The Prince George’s County Government is home to more than 6,000 dedicated and talented employees who work to protect and improve the quality of life for our residents, businesses, and visitors. Each of these individuals are committed to exhibiting the highest standards of professional excellence, creativity, skill, and customer service, and we want to thank all of our employees for the work they do to support Prince Georgians.

During this week, we took the opportunity to honor County Government employees who go above and beyond to serve our residents. These individuals were nominated by their respective agency leadership for the work that they do each and every day, and we were Prince George’s Proud to award each of them for their dedicated service to our County Government. Please take a moment to learn more about each of these employees below and join us in congratulating them for their outstanding service.  

Yours in service,

Angela Alsobrooks
Prince George’s County Executive


County Government Employee Spotlights

Ms. Roslyn Walker
Office of Ethics and Accountability


Ms. Roslyn Walker works in the Office of Ethics and Accountability as a Compliance Officer. In addition to her regular duties in the office, Ms. Walker coordinates the office budget and employee wellness program. She has also been repeatedly recognized by those who contact the office seeking assistance. We were proud to present Ms. Walker with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Larissa Broady
Office of Finance


Ms. Larissa Broady serves as the Treasury Operations Manager in the Office of Finance and has been with the County for 18 years. Ms. Broady works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure many aspects of the Treasury Division run smoothly, especially the annual property tax billing. She is also the “go to” person in her department due to her extensive knowledge of the Office of Finance, and has taken on additional responsibilities while department vacancies and new positions get filled. We were proud to present Ms. Broady with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Belinda Moore
Office of Management and Budget


Ms. Belinda Moore is the Executive Assistant in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and continues to go above and beyond the call of duty. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as the economy experienced a downturn and revenues were impacted, Ms. Moore helped everything run smoothly within OMB. She is always willing to step in wherever needed to help the office. We were proud to present Ms. Moore with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Diana Osgood
Office of Law


Ms. Diana Osgood serves as an Administrative Assistant within the Office of Law. When the office manager for the office left, Ms. Osgood immediately stepped up to fill in the gap. She took the training needed to assume those roles for the office and helped with reviewing and finalizing the office budget that was due in just a few weeks. Ms. Osgood did all of this in addition to her regular duties, which help keep the office running smoothly. We were proud to present Ms. Osgood with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Calisa Smith
Office of the County Executive

Ms. Calisa Smith serves as the Special Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in the Office of the County Executive. In addition to her duties as Special Assistant, Ms. Smith took on administrative assistant roles for the CAO and stepped in and filled the roles of the office manager, human resources liaison, and took on budget and procurement roles while these positions were being filled. She handled all of these extra responsibilities while keeping her warm and friendly attitude, which is why her colleagues know they can come to her if they need anything. We were proud to present Ms. Smith with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Renee Pope
Department of Social Services


Ms. Renee Pope serves as the Deputy Director for Community Services and Innovation at the Department of Social Services. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Pope has been on call nearly 24-7 to assist vulnerable residents in need. She oversaw the establishment of a non-congregate-based shelter location for people experiencing homelessness and developed a response for our residents who could not safely quarantine at home. In addition, Ms. Pope works closely with the Office of the Sheriff, Department of Housing and Community Development, Housing Authority, and landlords to create housing stability for some of the most difficult cases. She is a passionate advocate for our neediest residents and begins each day with the will and determination to get it done. We are proud to recognize Ms. Pope for her service this week.

Mr. Menghisteab Seium
Department of Family Services


Mr. Menghisteab Seium is the Budget Analyst in the Department of Family Services. He has been a County Government employee for approximately 39 years and continues to display exemplary professionalism. Mr. Seuim works across all divisions within the department to provide guidance and assistance with fiscal matters. In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he performed a detail assignment as the Associate Director of the Management Services Division for close to one year. We were proud to present Mr. Seium with an award for his service this week.

Ms. Trina Frazier
Health Department


Ms. Trina Frazier is the Chronic Disease Program Manager for the Health Department, who not only manages the division but actively facilitates classes and works with stakeholders. Under Ms. Frazier’s leadership, the County’s diabetes prevention program was nationally recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She has a genuine passion for providing a high level of excellence in the programs she manages. We were proud to present Ms. Frazier with an award for her service this week.

Mr. Mark Radcliff
Office of Central Services


Mr. Mark Radcliff is a Carpenter and Locksmith within the Office of Central Services. He is a conscientious, self-motivated, and detail-oriented employee that excels in his duties and goes above and beyond. Years ago, Mr. Radcliff noticed that the County needed a locksmith. He offered his personal knowledge and expertise and began to serve the County in an expanded role, fulfilling a critical need for the government. We were proud to present Mr. Radcliff with an award for his service this week.

Mr. Mireya Lacey
Office of Human Resources Management


Ms. Mireya Lacey is a Deferred Compensation Analyst within the Office of Human Resources Management. She is the lead for the County’s initiative to move to a single vendor for employee retirement savings plans, which will help save money for the County Government. While leading this effort, Ms. Lacey also continues to welcome all new employees to the County every other week, educating them on retirement savings options and pension plans. We were proud to present her with an award for her service this week.

Mr. Alex Espartinas
Department of Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement


Mr. Alex Espartinas is an Engineering Technician within our Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement. He is a customer-attentive employee who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that external and internal customers are assisted effectively. Mr. Espartinas’ calm demeanor and thorough understanding of permitting procedures assures customers that they will be well-informed and achieve the code compliant results that they desire. We were proud to present Mr. Espartinas with an award for his service this week.

Ms. Antoinette Thorpe
Board of Elections


Ms. Antoinette Thorpe is the Office Manager at the local Board of Elections. She has supported our Acting Elections Administrator as she transitioned into that role, taking on additional responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition. Ms. Thorpe consistently goes above and beyond to serve Prince Georgians. We were proud to present Ms. Thorpe with an award for her service this week.

Mr. Randolph Wilson
Department of the Environment


Mr. Randolph Wilson is the Project Manager for the Organics Composting Facility within our Department of the Environment. As we have worked to roll out our countywide curbside composting program, Mr. Wilson has been there every step of the way. He speaks at community engagement events, presents at seminars, and attends homeowners and civic association meetings to educate County residents on composting. Mr. Wilson will continue providing critical education to residents as we expand the composting program to all households with County trash/recycling services by the end of this year. We were proud to present Mr. Wilson with an award for his service this week.

Ms. Shelby Henderson
Office of Information Technology


Ms. Shelby Henderson is an Associate Director in the Office of Information Technology. In addition to her regular duties, Ms. Henderson took on the additional responsibility of working with our Health Department on various technology initiatives, which was especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has also supported the cybersecurity team after they lost a team member, helping ensure the County Government is protected from cybersecurity threats. We were proud to present Ms. Henderson with an award for her service this week.

Mr. Darron Greenwell
Department of Public Works and Transportation


Mr. Darron Greenwell is the Chief Crew Supervisor for the Office of Highway Maintenance within the Department of Public Works and Transportation. He has served at DPW&T for nearly 33 years and continues to show an unwavering commitment to Prince Georgians. Mr. Greenwell has supported litter removal/beautification efforts, sidewalk repairs, and the Department’s snow mobilization operations. In fact, he played a critical role in the expansion of our street sweeping program last fall during our countywide litter blitz. We were proud to present Mr. Greenwell with an award for his service this week.

Ms. Ainisha Persaud
Department of Corrections


Ms. Ainisha Persaud is the Employee Wellness Section Chief in the Department of Corrections. She oversees the department’s Critical Incident Stress Management Team, addresses any EAP-related issues, provides individual and meditation counseling, and promotes employee wellness. On top of that, Ms. Persaud conducts family tours to educate families on department processes and address their concerns. In addition, she started a “giving back” program for returning citizens and their families, getting wish lists from those families and ensuring everything on those lists is provided. We were proud to present Ms. Persaud with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Connie Heggs
Fire/EMS Department


Ms. Connie Heggs is a Human Resources Analyst in the Fire/EMS Department and has worked in the department for 23 years. She is an employee who is selfless and ensures that she keeps her customer at the forefront of everything she is doing. In June 2022, Ms. Heggs was promoted to her current position, and while she was given a new set of responsibilities, she continued to perform her previous role until a replacement was hired. She always stays until the job is done, and her dedication to her team, her department, and the Prince George’s County Government is truly remarkable. We were proud to present Ms. Heggs with an award for her service this week.

Mr. Tyrone Wells
Office of Homeland Security


Mr. Tyrone Wells serves as the Operations Manager with the Office of Homeland Security’s Emergency Management Division. While balancing daily operational activities as primary oversight of the Citizen Support Unit (CSU) 24-hour response efforts, Mr. Wells has shown excellent leadership and superior public service in managing a volunteer-staffed unit. When volunteer staff for the unit are not available, he responds seamlessly with respect, compassion, and empathy, swiftly moving into action to assist residents in need even during non-business hours. Behind the scenes, Mr. Wells goes beyond the call of duty and remains committed to implementing practical processes designed to improve CSU response efforts. He has mastered providing unselfish support to residents who have been displaced through his incredible and invaluable public service, which is executed with the utmost respect and compassion. We are proud to recognize Mr. Wells for his service this week.

Dr. Daria Bailey
Police Department


Dr. Daria Bailey is the Manager of the Office of Community First within the Police Department. She is a dedicated public servant who can be found attending community events during the evening hours and on weekends. Dr. Bailey has invigorated her staff with her passion for community service in the time she has been with the Police Department. She is also constantly crafting new ideas to engage the community and is willing to assist other units within the department with matters concerning community relations. We were proud to present Dr. Bailey with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Charice Young
Office of Community Relations


Ms. Charice Young is the Special Assistant to the Director in the Office of Community Relations. She is known as a “jack of all trades” within the agency. Ms. Young’s role involves coordination across multiple County agencies, helping establish coordinated efforts and positive relationships throughout government and the community. She goes above and beyond to ensure the needs of our residents, as well as her colleagues in the agency, are met with the utmost excellence and care. She is truly a “shero” within her agency and our government. We were proud to present Ms. Young with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Kyla Hanington
Office of Human Rights


Ms. Kyla Hanington is the Division Manager for Public Outreach and Engagement in the Office of Human Rights. For three and a half years, Ms. Hanington served in dual roles, performing her duties within the division while also serving as clerk to the Human Rights Commission. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she played a critical role in the County’s Joint Information Center, helping develop messaging, information, and resources to keep Prince Georgians safe. She has also secured nationally recognized speakers and authors for events to further the agency’s mission, and exemplifies excellence in government. We were proud to present Ms. Hanington with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Adedamola “Funmi” George
Department of Housing and Community Development


Ms. Adedamola “Funmi” George is the Senior Compliance Manager in the Department of Housing and Community Development. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and our County was given tens of millions of dollars in emergency rental assistance (ERAP) funding, Ms. George supported the ERAP team and ensured money got out quickly. In fact, through her leadership, our County was the top jurisdiction in the State for distributing rental assistance funds during the pandemic. We were proud to present Ms. George with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Nicole Hall
Economic Development Corporation


Ms. Nicole Hall is the Business Development Manager for our Economic Development Corporation. She is dedicated to giving businesses the assistance and resources they need to thrive in Prince George’s County. Ms. Hall brings her creativity, commitment, energy, and expertise to every task, project, program, and business that she supports. She is always focused on promoting and elevating the growth and development of every retailer and restaurant she assists. We were proud to present Ms. Hall with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Jennifer Burnette
FSC First


Ms. Jennifer Burnette is the Commercial Settlement Loan Coordinator within FSC First. In her role, Ms. Burnette is directly responsible for the timely deployment of funding for small, minority and underserved businesses that are in need of capital in Prince George’s County. She is a strong advocate for small business owners and has continued to provide stellar services to the businesses that she interacts with through her position, helping them get the funding they need as quickly as possible. We were proud to present Ms. Burnette with an award for her service.

Captain Shenica Shaifer
Revenue Authority


Captain Shenica Shaifer is the Manager of Parking Enforcement within the Revenue Authority. She works closely with the public on multiple levels and does a wonderful job working with the parking enforcement employees to ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner. Captain Shaifer also attends community meetings and events across the County to share information and services offered by the Revenue Authority. She is a great ambassador for the agency. We were proud to present Captain Shaifer with an award for her service this week.

Ms. Angela Archer
Arts and Humanities Council


Ms. Angela Archer is the Operations and Finance Manager for the Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council. She leads and serves with an exemplary work ethic and commitment to the success of the entire team and keeps the agency running efficiently behind the scenes. Ms. Archer keeps the agency uplifted with her laugh and joyous spirit while bringing an energy of positivity that makes even challenging assignments seem conquerable, such as hosting the inaugural Prince George’s County Film Festival last year. We were proud to present Ms. Archer with an award for her service this week.

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