Request an Accident Report

What is the cost of obtaining a copy of a vehicle accident report?

A fee of $25.00 dollars is required. Cash, credit cards, and money orders are accepted. No personal checks.

I was involved in an accident and the police responded, why wasn’t a report completed?

It is the policy of the Edmonston Police Department (and most other police departments across the state), not to investigate minor motor vehicle traffic accidents. Minor accidents are described as those in which none of the vehicles involved has become functionally disabled, and where none of the vehicle’s occupants have been transported from the scene to a hospital or other medical facility for injuries sustained in the accident.  In these types of cases, the law requires the driver of each vehicle to exchange driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance information. Edmonston Police Officers may assist the parties involved with the exchange of the necessary information however the role of the Officer in these types of accidents is to ensure that all parties comply with the information exchange requirements, and to restore the safe flow of traffic to the affected area. As such, the officer will not make judgments as to the “fault” or “cause” of the accident. An exchange of information form is available and may be obtained online.

I obtained a copy of an accident report but I am confused by the codes listed?

Codes are utilized for reporting purposes.  You may obtain a list of codes online.

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