Ride-Along Program

To facilitate this program, the following guidelines have been established:

Individuals participating in the Ride-along program shall be dressed in appropriate attire that will in no way reflect negatively upon you, the program, or this Department. It is recommended that participants wear suits or business casual attire.

The following types clothing are not acceptable for this program:

  • Blue Jeans
  • Hot Pants
  • Shorts
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Sandals/Open-Toed Shoes
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts.

Participants are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the police station. During the ride-along, participants are encouraged to ask questions about police work, however, bear in mind that the police officer cannot conceivably know about all police matters.

In order to comply with the Town policies and procedures and Maryland Law, you must utilize the safety belts and other safety equipment in the police vehicle. Certain police calls are considered dangerous and the police officer may respond to the call after dropping you off at a safe location. Remain at that location until an officer returns to pick you up unless you and the officer make other arrangements.

Do not in any way interfere with the officer’s handling of a situation. You may ask questions concerning a specific assignment after it has been completed and you have left the scene.

You may observe an event on your ride-along which may require your appearance in court as a witness to the event.

A waiver of liability form must be executed by you (or parent/legal guardian if less than 18 years) prior to your ride-along date.  In essence, it releases the Town of Edmonston and their agents / employees from liability for any injuries or other disabilities you might sustain during the ride-along.

Completed ride-along application form should be mailed to:

Edmonston Police Headquaters
5005 52nd Avenue
Hyattsville, Maryland 20781

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