Senior Watch Awareness Program

Senior Watch Awareness Program (SWAP)

In a continuing effort to ensure the well-being of all the senior residents, the Edmonston Police Department will be embarking on a Plan of Action, to check on the well-being of seniors who live in the Town. As ofthe 2010 Census, there were 5.6% of the residents of Edmonston, over the age of 65. That is approximately 83 residents.

The Plan seeks to identify seniors, 70 years of age and over, who live alone in the Town, and create a mechanism to ensure that they are being cared for properly, living in a safe environment and are not in need of some social or medical services.

Effective immediately, the Edmonston Police Department is asking residents, business partners, as well as Elected Officials to assist the Department, in identifying candidates for this program. Officers will document all visits or telephone calls to our seniors.

The senior, 70 years of age and over, who lives alone, will be requested to sign up for the program, and provide the name and telephone number of a relative or other person, who  can  be notified if the  senior resident is not answering the door, or telephone, when visited by a public safety officer. A neighbor, on behalf of another resident may, with permission, sign up another person over the age of 70.

Interested residents or those with questions may contact the Town of Edmonston to sign up, on telephone number (301) 699-8805, or e-mail


Elliott W. Gibson, Interim Chief of Police

Town of Edmonston

Senior Watch Awareness Program (PDF 1MB)

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