Sustainability Practices & Efforts

One of the Greenest Streets in America

Rain Gardens

rain gardens in Edmonston

Over 30 rain gardens have been planted along streets throughout town, as well as at the Town Hall. A properly designed and installed rain garden captures stormwater and allows it to slowly soak into the ground. Layers of soil and water-loving plants naturally filter and remove pollutants.

A rain garden can absorb several times more rainwater than a lawn. Rain gardens are easy to maintain, and after the plants are well-established rarely require watering. In a well-designed rain garden, the water soaks into the soil within 24 hours, too quickly for mosquitoes to hatch and grow. The more rain gardens in your yard, the less lawn you must weed, feed, and mow. Rain gardens also attract and create a habitat for hummingbirds and butterflies.


The Town of Edmonston Rain Garden Map

Explore our interactive Rain Garden Map and learn about their development, mapping, and more!

Edmonston adults and kids planting a tree

Native Tree Canopy

Species of large trees that once flourished in this area, including oaks, maples, and sycamores, have been restored as much as possible. A large canopy will increase the natural filtration of airborne pollutants, attract more watershed birds to diversify our local ecosystem and keep insects under control. The canopy also provides more shade to decrease the ‘urban heat island’ effect. Smaller plantings, including shrubs and flowers native to Maryland, are prevalent.


Efficient Street Lighting Powered by Clean Energy

New high-efficiency LED streetlights use 70% less energy than traditional streetlights, resulting in substantial saving. Also, the Town purchases wind energy rather than dirty and unhealthy power from coal burning.

Street Light in Edmonstn

“Don’t Dump” Storm Drain Marking

Storm drains throughout town have been clearly labeled to encourage residents not to dump refuse since the storm drain system discharges directly into the Anacostia, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.


Edmonston Sustainability Team working on storm drains

Town Hall Energy Audit

An energy audit was completed for the Town Hall and Police Station and the following recommendations were implemented:

  • All fluorescent light bulbs have been upgraded to energy-saving models that are more efficient.​

  • All exterior building and parking lot lighting changed to LED lighting.

  • An Eco-Star energy-saving white roof was installed. A white roof absorbs less heat than a dark roof, meaning lower air conditioning bills.

  • Solar panels were installed on the Town Hall, providing sustainable energy to the building.

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