Town Centennial

100 Years of Being A Bridging Community

About Edmonston - 100 Centennial

The town was just a patch of land until Capt. James Edmonston came along and started to build. In 1742, he purchased 60 acres of land in the area which is now called Edmonston. At that time, it was believed that he was of a prominent and wealthy family. The founding fathers decided to name the town after Capt. Edmonston of Bladensburg which bears his family name. Between the years 1930s-1980s, the town started growing and growing. With the help of the town, B.M. McQuin was elected as the first mayor. The motto of the Town of Edmonston “Edmonston Has A Heart” became the official motto in 1985.

By the year of 1924, the residents of East Hyattsville noticed the growth and development of the town which was rapidly occurring. By June of that year, the residents decided to embrace the Town of Edmonston. The town became a melting pot for different races and ethnicities. During the years, the town overcame damages such as flooding  of the Anacostia River and around the whole Hyattsville, Bladensburg, Edmonston area. The U.S Army Corps of Engineers started a flood control project in the 1950s, which gave the residents a sense of reassurance.

In preparation for Edmonston’s 100th Anniversary, the town wants to seek more information about the town, maintain its history, explore the beauty of the Anacostia River Trail, and point out the landmarks and features that attract families and visitors. Edmonston in day, continues to grow into a larger community with more projects and events for future residents and future fun.


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