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Town Hall Closed and Other Updates on Town Services

Mayor Tracy Gant announced today that the Edmonston Town Hall would close to public access as a result of new recommended Coronavirus measures being taken across the State. Police personnel will continue to be available to the public during this time. 

Making Payments

Here are convenient ways to make payments without exposing yourself to unnecessary contact with people. 

Debido a la propagación del brote de Covid-19, utilice esta información para evitar el contacto con las personas.

To Pay for Red Light Camera Tickets / para pagar los boletos de cámara de luz roja

Submit Payment Online / envíe el pago en línea


Call / Llame


Mail to / envíe un correo a

Town of Edmonston
PO Box 17060
Baltimore, MD 21297

To Pay Parking Citations / para pagar las citas de estacionamiento

Submit Payment Online / envíe el pago en línea


Mail to / envíe un correo a

Town of Edmonston
5005 52nd Ave
Edmonston, Maryland 20781

Other Payments

All other payments (rental license renewals, business licenses, business personal property tax) can be mailed to Town Hall at 5005 52nd Avenue, Edmonston, MD  20781

Contact Town Staff

The staff can be reached via email as follows:

More COVID-19 Information / más COVID-19 información

Prince George’s County COVID-19 Updates and Resources (updated March 24)

Drive-thru Coronavirus Testing Locations and Other Updates (updated March 21)

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Alert (updated March 17)                        

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